Abusive Brutal Torture on Women by Bangladesh Police

Bangladesh Ruling Party Awami League have generated mass killing to hold their Fascist Power. Police force and even the Elite Force have been using as the hand of Ruling party. Ruling party armed thugs have joined them to 'manage' opposition activists. But, when they are on the streets, their abusive attitude surpasses any level. Civil women are being abused, tortured and even murdered by the combined thugs where police has a big role in play. The country has become a death valley. Women have lost their assurance of security from the ruling party thugs and police. We need GLOBAL AWARENESS from the people around the world.

Photo 1 : Police beating a women on the street. She is not a terrorist!!

Photo 2 : Who is torturing the helpless women in presence of Armed RAB pushing on the ground?

Photo 3 : A Police is taking a chance to abuse women who are workers. Corrupted Police in ethics and morality

Photo 4 : A Group of Police enjoying beating a helpless women on the streets. Humanity Cries!

Photo 5 : Bangladeshi Police Brutality on women and children.

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