Bangladesh Police of Awami League : The Shameless Brutal Force who Kills only Civilians and Does nothing to the Terrorist

Police Brutality on Civil people on Bangladesh at a glance.

Police has beaten up the man almost dead.

Photo 1 : Who is this killing a civil people in wearing Police uniform? where Police trying to save the helpless civilian, Ruling Party thug, isn't he?

Govts student wing cadres are using Illegal arms and killing people. govt is silent !!

Photo 1 : Who are all these in the dress of Elite Force RAB? they do not seem to be RAB members. People says, these are ruling party Awami League thugs to kill opposition activists.

Deaths in the shooting of Police on UNARMED people, #Genocide #Feb28 

Police : Torturing people to death. this is the Awami Police of Bangladesh. A shame to the humanity.

 Photo : In presence of POLICE, ruling party thugs are vandalizing and destroying the Islami Bank and other Financial Offices in #Sylhet
 Photo : Who are in civil dress shooting to the Protesters DIRECTLY? where protesters are totally UNARMED? why is this? it was the day of #GENOCIDE #Feb28

Photo : Police torturing a Muslim bringing him out of the mosque in the day of protest against slanderer of Dearest Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

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